Gates PowerGrip® SF Couplings & ES Hubs

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Gates PowerGrip® Flexible Coupling is a positive dry coupling that never requires lubrication. The PowerGrip® coupling is recognized as a strong, highly efficient positive coupling for absorbing load pulsations and shocks. It is recommended not only for general use, but for troublesome conditions difficult to handle with other types of couplings.


  • High shock resistance: torsional resilience is sufficiently high to absorb load pulsations and shocks
  • Misalignment: in normal use the coupling will operate with a 7 1/2 degree axial misalignment with no significant reduction in service life
  • No end thrust: construction so designed to prevent transmission of lateral thrust from one shaft to the other
  • Streamlined design: small diameter with high capacity, no protruding parts, affords maximum safety
  • Easy installation: “by eye” shaft alignment, no precise measurements required
  • Low cost: low initial cost and low maintenance expense due to simplified design.

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