Gates Quad-Power® III

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The Quad-Power® III V belt by Gates has undergone many evolutions since its introduction in the 1990’s. Advanced material and design have created a new generation of Quad-Power® III V belts that out perform all similarly sized belts in a huge variety of applications. This gives cost advantages for all users, and a high level of design flexibility for engineers.

Gates Quad-Power® III Construction Features

  • The basic belt is formed from a brand new rubber compound that withstands chemically aggressive environments (acid & base), UV, ageing, ozone & heat. Even when severe slippage occurs, the belt doesn’t catch fire from extreme heat build up.
  • Embodied in the compound are high-performance fibres providing improved resistance to abrasion & wear.
  • The undercord section provides outstanding support to the cords. This is achieved by the fibres having transverse orientation. This in turn reinforces the belt’s already high levels of longitudinal flexibility & transverse rigidity.
  • The unique notch profile has optimised geometry which ensures perfect v belt stability.
  • The sidewalls are precision ground and give a wedging action that is completely uniform.
  • The tensile section comprises high strength, low elongation polyester tensile cords. These are embedded in a newly developed adhesion layer – coloured blue. This develops a very high bonding level between the tensile cords and the undercord materials.
  • The extreme flexibility of this v belt gives the belt tremendous reversed bending properties. This is ideal when backside idlers are used.

Quad-Power® III Additional Benefits

  • The Quad-Power® III v belt features an extended temperature range. It operates from as low as -40°C all the way up to +110°C.
  • Extraordinary power capacity gives over 15% higher power ratings than the previous Gates Quad-Power® II v belt range.
  • Greatly reduced noise levels.
  • Static conductive (ISO 1813). It can therefore be used in the conditions described in Directive 94/9/EC-ATEX.
  • REACH & RoHS compliant.
  • High precision of dimensions. All sizes meet and in mnay cases exceed Gates UNISET tolerances. They can therefore be installed without matching.
  • Very smooth running in operation.
  • Space saving advantages & design flexibility.
  • Minimal tension loss from the v belt.
  • Long, trouble free service life which reduces replacement & maintenance costs.
  • Environment friendliness: halogen-free (EG chlorine).
  • Much higher resistance to static ageing.

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