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The Gates Polyflex JB ® v belt is perfect for high power density within small spaces. Produced with a patented manufacturing process, Polyflex® JB v belts provide higher load capacity, and at higher speeds, than smaller precision multiple V belt drives. This offers huge cost savings and greater design flexibility. They are ideal for bench mounted milling machines, lathes, spindle drives for wood work and metal work machines, computer peripherals and small sized blowers.

Gates Polyflex® belt identification: Durable marking shows dimension and type.


  • Stability is increased by joint belt construction.
  • Lateral rigidity is provided by the ribs relieving bending stresses on smaller v belt pulleys.
  • 60° face angle gives extra undercord support and load distribution.
  • The smaller cross section can withstand special applications – for example small drive package sizes, high shaft speeds, and the need for very smooth running.
  • Layers and overlaps are eliminated by a very precise casting method, which increases further the benefits of its high modulus PU compound with a co-efficient of friction.
  • High fatigue resistance and a long life for the v belt are possible through outstanding adhesion of the cords and PU compound.
  • Very tough. The PU compound is very good at resisting wear, fatigue and ozone.


  • Longer V belt life with small pulleys as well as compact drives.
  • Shaft speeds of over 10,000rpm are possible.
  • Higher performance & smoother running offered for precision applications.
  • Reduced per hour cost, and increased design flexibility.
  • Reduced vibrations associated with high shock loads.

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