Gates PolyChain® GT Carbon


Gates PolyChain® GT Carbon

PolyChain® GT Carbon™ belt identification: A three part code on the reverse of the timing belt indicates pitch code, length & width. The inside colour of the timing belt is blue.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ timing belts provide a environmentally friendly, zero maintenance, energy saving operation.
They are an ideal alternative to roller chain and gear drives. Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ does requires no lubrication or tensioning. Even at high transport speeds, the low noise levels provide a unique characteristic.

The specially designed construction is extermely resistant to aggressive factors such as chemicals, oil and dust.


  • Very high power capacity: 25% or higher power ratings over and above Poly Chain® GT2 timing belts
  • Maintenance free, durable, quiet, compact, energy saving, clean and environmentally friendly operation
  • Over the timing belt life, the timing belt tension is virtually constant
  • Compatible with back idler
  • Compatible with Poly Chain® GT timing belt pulleys
  • Operating temperature range from -54°C to +85°C
  • Wide range of uses: conveying machinery, textile machinery, industrial machinery (E.g. food & beverage / mining / construction / wood, paper & pulp), lifting/handling, agricultural & forestry equipment / machine tooling / motor cycle rear wheel drive systems / modern bicycle drive belting and so on.

Special belt constructions

– Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ High Temperature timing belt 
Excellent heat resistance offered by new PU compound.
This allows a fully operational timing belt under extreme temperatures which can move up to 120°C and peak as high as 140°C during short periods;

– Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Hot Oil timing belt 
The new polyurethane compound offers up superb resistance to heat & oil.
This ensures consistent operation free of problems in oil environments and at temperatures as high as 120°C.
This makes the Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Hot Oil timing belt compatible with transfer cases and gear boxes…

– Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Spiral Spliced timing belt range
A newly pioneered manufacturing process offers timing belt manufacture in single tooth increments.
This means Gates are able to produce longer Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ endless timing belts as well as wider Long Length Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ open ended timing belts.
Bespoke timing belt lengths ranging from 1600mm to almost any length you need can be manufactured in 8MGT as well as 14MGT pitches on a special order basis.
This timing belt construction means that even long centre distance applications can be equipped with Gates Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ timing belts.

PolyChain® GT Carbon™ High Temperature timing belts and Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Hot Oil timing belt options are available in pre produced form up to 2000mm in length.


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