Gates PolyChain® GT2

Gates PolyChain® GT2

 Gates PolyChain® GT2 belt identification: Three part number on the back of the belt indicating pitch code, pitch length and width.

The Poly Chain® GT2 timing belt production process provides state of the art design features. The timing belt body, and teeth, are made from a polyurethane compound unique to the market place.

This makes the timing belt very strong and almost completely immune to abrasions or chemical attack.
Poly Chain® GT2 timing belts are ther perfect alternative to roller chains, and don’t require lubrication or re-tensioning.
The Poly Chain® GT2 timing belt drives offer a long and reliable service life, saving wieght, space and money.


  • The teeth and body are constructed with a lightweight polyurethane special compound.These timing belts are specifically bound for adhesion to cords and fabric. This proprietary formula of polyurethane creates a very strong timing belt that is almost completely immune to the ravages of chemicals / abrasion.
  • Extremely high power carrying capabilities are possible with the aramid tensile cords.
  • The extremely high impact strength withstands surge loading and shocks due to the outstanding flex fatigue life of aramid.
  • The fabric that covers the timing belt teeth is extremely resistant to the full family of pollutants, corrosion/abrasion, oil & chemicals. The extreme durability of this timing belt means that it will remain fully operational under extreme operating temperatures. These timing belt operating temperatures range from -54°C to +85°C.
  • The fabric facing greatly reduces temperature build up, by a reduced friction against the pulley.


  • The power rating is substantially increased over other timing belts.
  • Positive drive and high efficiency capabilities
  • Lubrication and re-tensioning are not needed, making this timing belt maintenance free.
  • Cost, space, and weight savings.

To use this timing belt correctly, please request Gates’ Poly Chain® GT2 timing belt Drive Design Manual – reference number E2/20109

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