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PowerGrip® GT3 is the latest incarnation from Gates’ rubber timing belt range. This brand new, extremely advanced belt covers the largest range of industrial situations. The PowerGrip® GT3 timing belt transmits up to 30% more power over and above the previous PowerGrip® GT2 . This entire range of timing belts is created for new timing belt drive designs, and replacements on existing timing belt drives without requiring any alteration to your system.

Gates PowerGrip® GT3 belt identification: Three part number on the back of the belt indicating pitch, belt length and width.


  • Very modern, chemically advanced compound featuring fibreglass tensile cord construction, nylon facing, and elastomeric teeth/backing.
  • Frictional wear and environmental pollution are resisted by the Elastomeric backing that protects the cords.
  • Incredible strength, resistance to elongation and increased flex life are provided from the helically wound tensile member.
  • Wear on teeth surfaces is drastically reduced by the addition of low friction nylon facing.
  • The elastomeric teeth are precision formed and spaced very accurately.
  • 5MGT is free from silicone and thus ideal for processes involved in painting.
  • Can be used on GT style timing belt pulleys.


  • Substantially increased power ratings, with up to 30% more power than previous belt types
  • Compact, light and cost-effective
  • Improved tooth jump resistance
  • High capacity belt with reduced noise levels
  • No lubrication needed

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