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The curvilinear construction of PowerGrip® HTD® timing belt tooth geometry serves the following purpose: It removes stress concentration at the teeth roots which in turn gives a higher power handling capacity and longer timing belt life. PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M and 20M timing belts are used in high performance drive applications as follows: machine tool applications, and paper & textiles industries – especially when durability and reduced maintenance are required.

Gates PowerGrip® HTD® belt identification: A 3 part number on the reverse of the timing belt indicates the timing belt width, pitch and length.

Construction features

  • The stress distribution and overall loading capabilities are improved by the teeth being formed in a special curvilinear fashion.
  • Correct pulley groove positioning is possible because of accurately and precisely formed elastomeric teeth.
  • Tooth surface protection is offered by a strong nylon facing.
  • A high level of elongation resistance is possible as outstanding flex life and the necessary strength are provided by the tensile member.
  • The back of the timing belt is constructed from an elastomeric backing that is highly durable. This protects against environmental pollution in addition to frictional wear if power is transmitted from the reverse side of the timing belt.
  • 8M and 14M pitch timing belt dimensions also have conformity with ISO 13050.

Load capabilities as high as 1000 kW.

  • Zero slippage with much lower speed variations. Gates PowerGrip® HTD® timing belt teeth mesh smoothly with the grooves of the timing belt pulley grooves.
  • Wide range of speeds.
  • Highly economical operating performance. There is no need for lubrication or adjustment induced by stretch & wear.
  • Highly mechanically efficient. Timing belt tension is minimised because friction is not required for load transmission – this is because heat build up is minimised through the timing belt’s construction.
  • Driven speed is constant.
  • Long service life free from trouble due to excellent resistance to abrasion. This even applies in situations where metallic components such as chains and gears can wear in weeks or months.

For correct usage of this timing belt please request us to send you the Gates’ Timing Belt Drive Design Manual – reference E2/20099


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