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Gates Twin Power ® Double Sided Belt

Due to double and directly oppositing teeth, Twin Power® timing belts offer high loading capacity on drives which contra rotate, as well as ensuring smooth and flexible running. Twin Power® timing belts come in classical trapezoidal as well as the unique tooth profile of GT2. It is characterised by an extra ordinary lability to carry high loads, and a high resitance to tooth jumping. This leads to a drive performance which is positive and non slip in operation. It also runs much more silently than other timing belts.

Belt identification: A three part identification number on the back side teeth of the timing belt indicate belt width, length and pitch.

Twin Power® timing belts are available in the following pitches: PowerGrip® GT2 8MGT, 14MGT, HTD® 5M and PowerGrip® XL, L and H.


  • Similar in style of construction to PowerGrip® classical timing belts / PowerGrip® GT2 timing belts: strong tensile member / precision formed elastomeric teeth & body.
  • Both tooth sides feature nylon fabric resistant to wear.


  • High capacity for loading.
  • Twin Power® timing belts can transmit up to 100% of their highest load rating from both sides of the timing belt. Conversely, it can transmit a load on to both sides of the timing belt as long as the sum of both loads is not more than the maximum handling capacity.
  • Non slip positive drive.
  • Low noise.
  • No lubrication or maintenance required.

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