Gates Hi-Power® DUBL-V

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The Gates Hi-Power® DUBL-V belt is identified by its unique double V profile. This V belt uses tensile cords which are flex bonded making the v belt extremely resistant to flexing forces. The belt also features the protective Flex-Weave® cover. This is the ideal solution for drives with counterrotating shafts (‘serpentine dirves’). Serpentine drives have power transmitted from the top, and also from the bottom, of the belts.

  • Flex Bonded Cords are very strongly bonded to the belt body.
  • This results in a more equitable load distribution, and also absorbs bending stress without deterioration of the cord.
  • The Flex-Weave® Cover construction is patented and provides a longer cover life. This provides extended protection fro the belt core against oil, heat and dirt.
  • Gates Curves provide full and complete cord support as well as full contact with the sheave groove. This leads to uniform loading & wear, as well as significantly increased belt life.
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards.
  • Meets RMA static conductivity requirements.

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