Gates Quad-Power ® 4 PowerBand

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By using innovative minimal-stretch cord technology, Gates has designed the industry‘s first bandless zero-maintenance V-belt. Unlike conventional belts, the Quad-Power® 4 V-belt does not suffer from severe tension decay in the first hours after installation. So no run-in period nor any re-tensioning are required. No re-tensioning means no machine or production downtime. The new Quad-Power® 4 PowerBand® construction offers a solution for high load transmission and vibration prone drives


  • Service-free V-belt with high stability on the toughest drives
  • Match system: all sizes meet Gates UNISET tolerances, they can be installed without matching
  • Widest temperature range in the market: from -50°C to +130°C
  • Energy effi ciencies up to 98%
  • Latest EPDM rubber technology
  • Halogen-free belt
  • Perfect fi t on standard ISO/DIN (for XPZ/XPA/XPB) or RMA (for 3VX/5VX) V-pulleys
  • Manufactured to DIN7753, ISO4184, RMA IP-22
  • Static conductive to ISO1813 / ATEX compliant
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

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