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The Gates Multi-Speed v belt offers great performance on all kinds of variable speed drives. It effortlessly adjusts itself to the pulley groove, which in turn provides a wide range of speeds/speed ratios. Over and above the standard Multi-Speed belt range, special sizes in top width, thickness & angle are also available.

Gates Multi-Speed™ Belt Identification: Durable marking and belt size appearing in print.


  • Flexibility is increased with engineered notch contour. The notches provide maximum dispersion of heat, which means running temperatures are considerably lower.
  • A very consistent load distribution, as well as wear reduction, are possible because distortion of the belt in the pulley is resisted due to very high transverse rigidity.
  • Smooth & silent running is assured through the undercord thickness and composition being highly uniform.
  • The maximum speed adjustment is therefore achieved with a combination of the above features..


  • Maximum range of speed changes.
  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Smooth machine operation.
  • Exceptionally long belt life.



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