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The Gates PoweRated ® V belt is best suited to heavy duty drives & clutching applications. It meets perfectly the requirements for back idler driven equipment that is heavy shock loaded, clutching, high power machinery used in lawns and gardens, which need.

Gates PoweRated® Belt Identification: A green cover and durable moulded marking identifies PoweRated® as a special capacity belt.


  • Aramid tensile cords
  • Extreme flexibility through a thin profile and low cord positioning
  • Smooth clutching operation is offered by low friction wrapping and a proprietary heavy duty reinforced cord
  • If a back idler is in operation, high crack resistance is provided by fabric reinforcement on the bottom edge


  • Smooth clutching and disengaging
  • Stability of length
  • Excellent resistance to shock
  • Excellent resistance to bending & crack resistance

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