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The Gates PowerBand ® V belt offers stable positioning in its pulleys and offers high resistance to single belt vibration. In this construction, several V belts are joined together by a permanent and high strength tie bands. This is a much tougher solution than when all v belts are taken individually.

Gates PowerBand® identification: Durable marking indicating type and dimensions.

Gates Powerband® Construction

  • Strong band controls belt-to-belt distance and prevents sideways bending.
  • Flex-bonded tensile cords are vulcanised as one solid unit making the belt highly resistant to tensile and flxing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
  • Concave sides and arched top.
  • Flex-weave cover protects the belt core from the toughest environments.
  • Elastometric compound protects the belt against heat, ozone and sunlight.
  • Static conductive (ISO 1383) and can be used in the conditions described in the Directive 94/EC- ATEX.

Advantages of use

  • Better resistance to vibrations
  • High stability and smooth running on the toughest drives
  • Temperature ranges from -30C to +60C
  • Important design economies possible
  • Savings in drive space and weight thanks to high transmission efficiency.

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