Gates Predator ® V belts

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Gates Predator ® V belts are Gates’ most recent addition to their range. They are the market leading V belt product, and are unparralleled in their great load carrying capacities and highly robust construction. Predator® V belts solve your problems by performing very well in harsh environments and extremely demanding applications when standard V belts have significant durability issues.

The Predator® V belt advantage lies in its construction. Predator® have the highest power density of all competing V belts.  It features almost zero stretch due to high strength/modulus aramid tensile cords.  Gates Predator® V belts are available as Powerband®, as well as single belts and come in SPBP, SPCP, 9JP, 15JP & 8VP sections.

Construction features

  • Aramid tensile cords provide extraordinary strength, durability and resistance to stretch.
  • Its unique double fabric cover also offers extreme wear/abrasion resistance.
  • The specially treated extra tough cover withstands shear & slip forces at peak loads – and it does so without generating excessive heat.
  • Another benefit is its’ very high resistance to penetration by foreign materials.
  • The Chloroprene rubber compounds also provide superb heat & oil resistance capabilities.
  • The surface cover, which is non rubber, can handle excessive overloads without damaging the belt by allowing momentary slippage.

Additional benefits of the Gates Predator® V Belt

  • Over 40% higher power ratings than in standard construction V belts.
  • Less maintenance & down time.
  • Constant belt re-tensioning is not needed.

Available in single v belt as well as Powerband® constructions:

  • Powerband® belts have excellent rigidity laterally, provided by a multiple layer tie band system. This prevents v belts from turning over or coming off a drive completely.
  • Single v belts are especially designed for applications not possible for Powerband® v belts.
  • For example, when debris needs to pass through a space between belts without belt section damage occuring.
  • Predator® single v belts are available on demand, and in lengths of more than 1400mm.
  • European Static Conductive (ISO 1813).

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