Orapi EL0115 Versatile High Performance Lubricant

Orapi 115 Versatile High Performance Lubricant is a light penetrative lubricant based on highly refined mineral oil fortified with P.T.F.E to give a low co-efficient of friction and improved load
carrying capability. The addition of EP, anti-wear and corrosion inhibitor packages provide
improved wear resistance, lower releasing torque and corrosion protection to extend
equipment life.

Typical Uses

PRONATUR Engineering Lubricant is highly versatile product being both a fast acting penetrant specifically designed for fast effective release of seized and corroded threaded fasteners protecting components during dismantling and a multi-purpose light lubricant and corrosion protective suitable for use in many industrial applications, particularly precision mechanisms.

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It is specially designed for use under the most aggressive conditions in
corrosive wet / humid, dirty or chemical environments where the tack free, high strength residual film of PRONATUR Engineering Lubricant prevents attraction of dust, dirt and grit when used in applications subject to a high degree of airborne contaminants.

Outstanding Features

  • Long life – extends re-lubrication intervals
  • Versatile – good load carrying and anti-wear properties
  • Excellent penetrating power –

    • Lowers releasing torques
    • Extends lubrication intervals
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Wide operating temperature -53oC to +180oC (+250oC intermittent)


  • Automotive locking systems
  • Measuring equipment
  • Electric motor bearings
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Pivots and hinges

Technical Information

Directions for use

For best results and to ensure rapid penetration components should be clean and dry. Oils, grease and dirt etc should all be removed with Orapi 503-Kleaner Spray.


Shake can well, for 2-3 minutes after agitator ball rattles. Hold upright and spray liberally from a distance of 15-30cm (6-12 inches).


Shake well and apply liberally directly to the area to be lubricated.

Allow to penetrate before attempting release of seized components or putting equipment back into service.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance: Amber liquid
Odour Mild characteristic
Base Oil Refined mineral oil
Viscosity (@ 40oC) 22cSt
Flash point (oC) >90
Propellant (aerosol) CO2
Performance additives P.T.F.E
Shell 4-ball Scar dia(mm) 0.78
Co-efficient of friction 0.05
Dielectric constant 2.18
Temperature range -53oC to +180oC (+250oC intermittent)
Information presented on this sheet is not intended as a formal specification as should be used as guideline only. Every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein but customers should conduct their own tests to confirm to themselves the suitability of the product. Therefore Impact Adhesives cannot accept any loss or damage that may result from the use of the information.