Orapi 202 Epoxy Adhesive

Orapi 202 Epoxy Adhesive becomes stable with time. is clean, easy to use and protects against corrosion. It adheres to most materials:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Rigid Plastics
  • Resistant to shocks and traction.
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  • Epoxy adhesive with quick setting time, for all materials.


  • Very stable with time
  • Clean
  • Easy to use
  • Protects against corrosion

Adheres to most materials:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Rigid Plastics
  • Resistant to shocks and traction.

Application Fields

Bonding and repairing of all materials. Filling of cavities, holes in floor tiles.
Fast bonding of badly adjusted parts with large or variable gaps.

Technical Characteristics

Appearance light yellow viscous liquid
Operating temperature range -40 to +120°C
Viscosity 500 cP
Pot life 5 to 10 minutes
Tensile strength DIN 5383 22 N/mm2 after 24 hours
Shear strength on aluminium 20 N/mm2 maximum after 24 hours.
Density 1.15
Mixture ratio 1/1


Application temperature: +5 to +40°C.
Mix carefully both components. Automatic mixture with 50 ml syringes.
The mixed adhesive must be used within 3 minutes.
Apply the HOMOGENEOUS adhesive to clean and dry surfaces Ensure the gap is completely filled with adhesive.
Maintain pressure during the bonding : 5 to 10 minutes.


  • 18 MONTHS in closed original packaging between 5° C and 25°C. Keep in a dry place.


  • Irritant. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children


  • 28g syringes in boxes of 12(REF: 1202E1), 28g syringes in boxes of 12 under blister(REF: 1202Z1)
  • 50 ml syringes in boxes of 6(REF: 1202E3), 1kg kit by 2 (REF: 1202K7)


  • Available in SEMI RAPID version : 201 – OREPOX 30
  • Available in STEEL filled version : 210 – ORAMETAL A
  • Available in ALUMINIUM filled version : 212 – ORAMETAL F
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