V Belts

V belts, or Vee belts are endless power transmission belts. They have a trapezoidal cross section, fitting into a V-shaped groove. V belts transmit higher torque at less width and tension than a flat belt.

GAtes Quadpower III Gates Quad-Power® III

Gates Quad-Power® III Construction Features The basic belt is formed from [...]

Gates Imperial V Belts Classic Imperial V Belt Range

We offer a wide range of Imperial V-Belts. Click on [...]

Gates Micro V Belt Gates Micro-V®

Gates Micro V®  belt identification: Durable yellow marking shows the dimension [...]

Gates Polyflex JB Gates PolyFlex® JB

Gates Polyflex®  belt identification: Durable marking shows dimension and type. Construction [...]

Gates PolyFlex V Belt Gates PolyFlex®

Gates Polyflex® belt identification: Durable marking indicates the dimension and type [...]

gates_multi_speed_v_belt Gates Multi-Speed™

Gates Multi-Speed™ Belt Identification: Durable marking and belt size appearing in print. [...]

gates_powerated_v_belt Gates PoweRated®

Gates PoweRated® Belt Identification: A green cover and durable moulded marking [...]

Gates Powerband Gates PowerBand®

Gates PowerBand® identification: Durable marking indicating type and dimensions. Gates [...]

Gates Predator Gates Predator®

The Predator® V belt advantage lies in its construction. Predator® have [...]

gates_HI_POWER_DUBL_V_v_belt_image Gates Hi-Power® DUBL-V

Flex Bonded Cords are very strongly bonded to the belt [...]