Gates V belts

Gates V belts

Gates V belts, V-belts, or Vee belts are endless power transmission belts. They have a trapezoidal cross section, fitting into a V-shaped groove. V belts transmit higher torque at less width and tension than a flat belt.

Since John Gates invented the world’s first rubber V – Belt in 1917 Gates have remained the world leader in drive belts. Now with the introduction of Quad Power 4 they set a standard no other manufacturer can hope to match – so good it has it’s own website

For extremely hazardous and tough applications Gates have recently introduced the Predator Kevlar corded V-Belt in both single and banded types. Continual product development and commitment to customer needs ensures that the Gates range of Industrial drive belts remain the number one choice for industry.

With over 100 years experience in manufacturing V Belts Gates are the Worlds leading belt manufacturer today. Beeline Engineering Products stock a wide range of Gates V Belts available for quote or purchase using our unique tool. Just select the belt you require below and choose your configuration option by section and length. We’ll come back to you with a cost and delivery options.

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